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How To Buy A Flat Screen TV

For those who love to become immersed in their HD movies, or those who are avid television watchers, having the right television and viewing experiences makes all the difference. Having a television that provides an impressive viewing experience with full immersion, smart capabilities, superior sound qualities, and free range  mobility are what most people are now looking for. A lot of people are looking to buy a flat screen television as it is lighter and easier to move, offers great features, and can even be mounted on a wall or above a fireplace mantel. There are several things to consider when looking to buy a flat screen TV and that is: screen size, type of television, TV programming functions, resolution and features.

Picking out the screen size first is the best way to go about buying a television as size should be proportion for the room you are looking to put it in. For smaller rooms, smaller televisions are better suited as the audience will be closer to the television. The same goes for bigger televisions in bigger rooms. In addition to getting a smaller size television, you can opt out of features you may not need, or save on the budget. Another good thing to note is that if you are looking to put it into an entertainment system, whether it be wall mounted or not, knowing the size of the screen is imperative as it has to fit within that entertainment system.

After you have chosen the size, you can begin to look at what type of television you want and the technical specs behind each choice. If you're looking to save on your budget, then going with the LCD television is the least expensive option as the picture isn't as great compared to the LED back-lit television sets.  LED TVs are usually slimmer than the LCD sets, and offer a better picture quality. If you are really looking to get a big flat screen television then you can always go with the Plasma set as it offers the best picture but is only available in bigger screen size.

Another option to consider is the newer 3-D flat screen TVs. These are the coming wave in televisions. The picture is super clear, much clearer than the picture you see in a 3-D movie theater, and the experience is nothing short of amazing - you feel like you're right there in the middle of all the action. And unlike the older 3-D TV, the newer glasses you need to view the movies are light weight and do not require batteries.

Next is figuring out what resolution you want. With flat screen TVs, the resolution matters if you are looking for high definition picture. On smaller sets its okay to have 720p as that's the lowest resolution possible but on bigger flat screens 1080p is recommended as it provides full high definition.

Once you have all of this figured out, you can then pick what features you want, like whether it is a Smart TV or has 3D capabilities. And don't forget to shop around. Prices for flat screen TVs can vary by hundreds of dollars from one retailer to the next. What I do is shop online at Amazon and Google Shopping to find the lowest price I can for the brand I want to buy, then shop the stores in my area. Most stores, especially Best Buy and Sears, will give you their  competitor's online price, so you know you'll be getting the lowest price possible. And if you can't find a lower price online, you can always ask if the store will give you a discount anyway.

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- Jenny Huffman

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