Dish Network TV - Is It Better Than Direct TV or Cable?

Dish Network TV is now providing Satellite TV services to more than 10 million homes in all 50 states in the USA, and that number grows with every single day, while cable TV services are declining. This is because Dish Network TV provides high quality entertainment at a lower price than both Direct TV and cable TV services. And the good news is they're cheaper too!

Dish Network TV services are doing this because cable TV services have priced themselves out of the market. cable TV and Direct TV fees are much higher than Dish Network TV. To start with, Direct TV fees have increased by nearly 40% compared to those of Dish Network TV which has increased by a mere 8%.

Depending on where you live, you will spend more than $40 per month for basic cable services and have about 64 channels to view, plus, you will need to add $10 per month to get digital programming instead of analog programming. You will also be required to pay a monthly fee for each additional cable box if you have more than one TV in your home. And let's not forget the installation charge, plus the local and state taxes making cable TV much more expensive.

With Dish Network TV, you are guaranteed to receive free equipment plus free professional installation for up to four rooms of your home. The good thing about Dish is that you can get a free 6 room installation which beats both Direct TV and cable TV. With Dish, the free installation includes a satellite dish necessary to bring the satellite into your home, the DVR  receiver that unscrambles that signal and sends it to you TV, and the universal remotes you can use with your Dish receiver, your TV, and your axillary accessories.

With Dish Network, you get a free dual room DVR receiver that will allow you to watch a  separate TV program in four separate rooms while having the  choice of recording each program separately. It also allows you to record up to 5 programs at one time, record 4 programs while you watch another program, and pause, fast forward, and stop live TV shows. You can also get a free Dish TV HD receiver.

Dish Network allows you  to experience programming in a way that keeps your costs as low as possible without compromising the benefits that Satellite TV provides -  a better picture quality and a wide array of channels to choose, free dual room DVR receiver, free HD receiver and a monthly subscription fee which is much lower than cable.

Dish Network TV offers HD free for life, has the most streaming videos - more than 20,000, the most channels and the most music channels of the two satellite TV providers. Here's a Dish Hopper Review video that shows you what the Hopper has to offer.

Dish Network TV services offer an unlimited 24-hour customer support network which is unmatched by any other provider. With Dish TV, you can get assistance and support by phone, email, chat or twitter. Dish Network compared to Direct TV is the cheapest when it comes to selection packages and there is no overlooking The Hopper feature which is exclusive to Dish.

Dish Network TV offers five  packages: The Smart Pack, America's Top 120, America Top 200 and America's Everything Package. All Dish's packages come with free HBO, Cinemax, Showtime and Starz for the first three months of service.

When it comes to pricing Dish Network charges $18 per month for HBO AND $13 for Showtime while Direct TV offers them at a penny less. Dish has the cheapest options and the cheapest teaser rates.

All in all, Dish has the most packages, the most international channels, the best DVR recorder, and the best prices of either DirecTV or cable TV.

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- Jenny Huffman

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