Choosing The Best Satellite TV Provider For You And Your Family

Finding satellite service nowadays is pretty easy. Finding the best satellite TV service? Now that's the real trick. It seems that everywhere I turn I am seeing information about TV options. Even at the supermarket I often get harassed by salesmen who always seem to be on one side or another of the great satellite TV war, DirecTV vs. Dish. And to top it off the information you get from Dish Network and DirecTV's website can be confusing to say the least.

At first I thought they must be the all the same but my own experience with both companies has taught me better. Satellite TV today offers a heck of a service. The quality is great and the variety is tough to beat . . . it's the only way to fly. And in case you were wondering you can get all your local channels no problem, and you can get them in HD format. If someone where considering making the switch from cable to Satellite TV I would tell them there are two essential things that you must do first.

To start with, ask around, especially people in your area with common interest. Find out if people like you enjoy satellite TV and if so which satellite TV provider do they prefer and why they prefer it. I would also check out what package they have and see if maybe they just don't have some options because they prefer not to upgrade. Also ask how they like the equipment and how user friendly the equipment is? Do they have any major problems with their satellite DVR receivers, universal remotes or satellite dishes? After getting word-of-mouth information about the best satellite TV service in your area it is time to hop online and do a little research. Click on this link for a Dish Network Review.

Within a matter of minutes you can compare their packages and prices side-by-side . Both reviews will tell you exactly what TV channels, music channels, premier movie channels, and pay-per-view channels are available in each package in your area and what kind of prices you can expect to pay. Also, you will want to see what type of introductory offers and discounts may be available. You may be eligible for free channels, a pre-paid credit card, or upgraded electronics if you are a first time customer. At the end of the day the decision will be up to you and your family as to which package will best suit your needs.

Find the service that is right for you. But do your research. Most of these companies will require a commitment of around two years so don't rush into anything. And of course you can always just call and talk to a representative from a TV satellite TV provider. This may give you some idea of what type of customer service to expect as well as answering any further questions you may have. The best way to do this is to prepare a list of questions in advance so you won't forget anything important. Believe me, if you don't, you'll be calling the representative back.

Plus you never know, once you have them on the line they may even sweeten the pot to try and get you to commit to their service. When you decide you are ready to take the satellite plunge be sure to take the time to make an educated choice that you won't regret. A little homework now can ensure that you and your family will have plenty of quality entertainment at a fair price.

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- Jenny Huffman

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